Private Capital’s Role in COVID Testing and Vaccination

When President Biden unveiled his $400 billion public health plan to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, some might have been surprised to find that in addition to vaccination, a substantial $50 billion will go to testing.

Why is testing still necessary when there are already multiple vaccines available to Americans? In short, testing is more important than ever because it will allow public health officials to be able to react quickly when cases are increasing and prevent or interrupt outbreaks, whereas vaccinations are a prophylactic solution to prevent cases and, eventually, end the pandemic.

The investment from the Biden administration includes purchasing rapid tests that provide quicker results, expanding lab capacity so more tests can be processed, and implementing regular testing protocols at schools, prisons, long-term care facilities, and local governments.

Much of this proposed testing ramp-up will fall to government contractors, most of whom in turn will need an immediate infusion of capital in order to procure materials and get their operations off the ground as quickly as possible. That’s where specialty private credit providers like Brevet Capital prove their value. Not only is there a pressing need for capital to bridge the gap between project launch, completion and payment, but there is an equally critical need for financial expertise.

At Brevet, we have been working with federal and state agencies for more than 20 years and are in a position to provide newly-appointed officials with the financial guidance necessary to develop and execute mission-critical contracts. Brevet is providing financing for critical COVID testing operations and looks forward to continuing to play an integral role as our country takes the next step in moving past this crisis.